Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today was my last official day as NARA's 2010 Citizen-Archivist (at least in my own mind).  That doesn't mean for a minute that I'll stop doing what it was that earned me the distinction in the first place.  The work continues.

NARA is naming a new Outstanding Citizen-Archivist for 2011 tomorrow and I hope that whomever is selected lives up to it, and adds something distinct to it.  2011 has been an interesting and challenging year for NARA and the research community navigating the drastic changes taking place in the archival world.  It was a distinct privilege and honor to be able to share in the transformation taking place at the National Archives.  Thanks to AOTUS Ferriero for making this a reality and for following through on his promise to make the members of the research community part of the conversation.